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Dec. 30th, 2011 08:41 am
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may not be wholly up to date at any given time; try here for a more regularly tended list

[personal profile] allthebrightest Tony Stark (Sunnydale AU, female)
[personal profile] toblameforit Tony Stark (Sunnydale AU, male)
[personal profile] ferratus Tony Stark (Hunger Games AU, male)
[personal profile] sparksflying Tony Stark (Harry Potter AU, female)
[personal profile] poeticterms Jarvis (Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] calendarofcrime Sherlock Holmes (Sunnydale AU, female)
[personal profile] bitofafiction Sherlock Holmes (Sunnydale AU, male)
[personal profile] dearsweetsoulful Sherlock Holmes (Sunnydale AU, vampire, +soul)
[personal profile] eversomuchfun Sherlock Holmes (Sunnydale AU, vampire, -soul)
[personal profile] sicaria Sherlock Stark (Hunger Games AU, female)
[personal profile] nobodyelse Sherlock Holmes (Harry Potter AU, male)
[personal profile] neverbeatme James Moriarty (Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] prima_sequentem James Moriarty (Sunnydale AU, older)
[personal profile] passforsympathy Obadiah Stane (Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] tookhimtoschool Howard Stark (Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] most_capable Pepper Potts (Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] finaldiscussion Sherlock Holmes (Downside)
[personal profile] wearsthecoats Sherlock Holmes (son of Loki)
[personal profile] rippedtheskyapart Jim Moriarty (ghost)
[personal profile] missnicegirl Matilda Wormwood
[personal profile] withmypowers Matilda Wormwood (grown-up)
[personal profile] iwillgetyou Matilda Wormwood (Circle of Magic AU)
[personal profile] regularsized Dr. Bridget Banner (the Hulk, genderswap AU)
[personal profile] einridi Thor (genderswap AU)
[personal profile] purpurroten Amilcare Sforza (Hannibal Lecter, Sunnydale AU)
[personal profile] sailorheavymetal Darcy Lewis (AU)

 1a. JOKERS 
*designated multipurpose journal for that age/PB
[personal profile] manofmyword the Joker
[personal profile] edgeofyourseat the Joker (Sunnydale AU) *young
[personal profile] gunpowdergelatine the Joker (Downside) *
[personal profile] truthwright the Joker (daemon AU)
[personal profile] yovahs_kisses the Joker (Samaria AU)
[personal profile] deslandes the Joker (Beauty and the Beast AU)
[personal profile] endragoned the Joker (demon AU)
[personal profile] cardistry the Joker (Nanoha AU)
[personal profile] jackfrostbite the Joker (Narnia AU)
[personal profile] yourheartstrings the Joker (female PB) *
[personal profile] growcrooked the Joker (Swan Lake AU) *young
[personal profile] treasuresuntold the Joker (Little Mermaid AU)
[personal profile] dream_me_up the Joker (Star Trek AU) *
[personal profile] fiery_delights the Joker (A:TLA AU)
[personal profile] anotherbreeze the Joker (original 'verse AU) *young
[personal profile] hisowninvention the Joker (Tangled AU)
[personal profile] lastclown the Joker (Worm AU)
[personal profile] aeskhyne the Joker (Animorphs AU) *
[personal profile] whipstitch the Joker (Circle of Magic AU)
[personal profile] no_return the Joker (Harry Potter AU) *
[personal profile] free_flowing the Joker (Troubled Waters AU)
[personal profile] inhispockets the Joker (unspecified AU) *
[personal profile] outofthelight the Joker (troll AU) (not that kind) *
[personal profile] joyfulnoise the Joker (MLPFIM AU) *
[personal profile] feel_so_free the Joker (Visitor/Queen/Changeling AU) *
[personal profile] thevictorious Joker/Sherlock combo (MCU Asgard AU)
[personal profile] inthemirrorJoker/Sherlock combo (currently unused)
[personal profile] feeltherush(Joker half)
[personal profile] seethroughyou(Sherlock half)

[personal profile] thisvorlunaticMiles Vorkosigan
[personal profile] first_and_finalMiles Vorkosigan (misc. AU)
[personal profile] unmarredJoker/Sherlock combo (as Miles's brother)
[personal profile] unmirrored(Joker half)
[personal profile] unmired(Sherlock half)
[personal profile] last_one_outthird triplet
[personal profile] gloriousdawnMiles Vorkosigan (Madoka AU)
[personal profile] thisbrokenworldJoker/Sherlock combo (Madoka AU)
[personal profile] callthelight(Joker half)
[personal profile] teartheshadow(Sherlock half)
[personal profile] nothing_noblethird triplet
[personal profile] on_my_wordAral Vorkosigan
[personal profile] power_in_motionAral Vorkosigan (misc. female AU)
[personal profile] greatcomposureCordelia Vorkosigan
[personal profile] thehigherachievementCordelia Vorkosigan (misc. male AU)

[personal profile] lookingforwardtoit Eight-Hour
[personal profile] nowait_letme Chainsaw
[personal profile] playtokill Symphony
[personal profile] guiltless Sandy Buford
[personal profile] the_greatest_show Cass Buford
[personal profile] thinklikethis Dao Jukai
[personal profile] symptomspice the Girls
[personal profile] blowtorchspice
[personal profile] lightningspice
[personal profile] kittenspice
[personal profile] cherrypicking Christine Kirsch Moriarty
[personal profile] queensidecastle
[personal profile] grabsthebutt Valerie Bell
[personal profile] newtimov Isaac Bell
[personal profile] nonbird Lazarus Anson
[personal profile] ignorable Kolya Alkaev
[personal profile] pumpkin_pie Aedyt Corlett
pyth: A cat raising one paw as though to answer a question in class. (actions: I got this one!)
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Nobody wants paragraphs and paragraphs of purple prose, but I'm really curious about the physical details of people's characters. Here are some questions/prompts/things; pick one or fifteen characters, answer, and post for the edification of your RP partners. ^.^


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